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Grow The Dream Show: How to Use Google Search Console
Is Google Trying to Send You a Message?
Sometimes... Google wants you to know something. Maybe your website is serving up malware or is otherwise causing problems for users. 
Did you know that you're the first person they want to tell about it? Google doesn't want to just de-index your site (essentially 'disappearing' it from public view) -- they want to help you fix problems.
That is just one of the many good reasons you should be using Search Console, which is the new name for Google Webmaster Tools.
Get Important Info from Google
Are you missing keyword data from Google Analytics? Of course you are! Google gives you some of that info back via Search Console. Also: malware notifications, spam actions, and more!
Send Important Info to Google
Are you changing your domain name? Did you drop the 'www' from your website? Have you added SSL ('https') to your site? What about new pages & other content? Search Console gives you the tools to send Google the information they want to get from you!
Gain Valuable Insights
What sites are linking to you? Is your site responding quickly enough? Are there errors you might not know about?
These and other highly informative tidbits are among what you'll find in Google Search Console.
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